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Reiki Universal cosmic force or Divine energy flows to the root of a problem, fills us with light and dissolves negativity.
Reiki relieves physical emotional pain, stress, phobias, stomach problems addictions etc. Reiki promotes a sense of well being, bringing peace and harmony into our lives.
One can benefit from Reiki energy through healing treatments and or Reiki Attunements.
Healing sessions are carried out fully clothes and last about one hour.
Reiki Attunements, the activation of the Reiki energy are carried out in workshops.
There are three level of Reiki.
REIKI LEVEL 1: This activates our own natural healing abilities and at this level we learn to use it on ourselves promoting our own sense of harmony.

REIKI LEVEL 2: This level the Reiki energy is increased and we learn ancient symbols to promote and speed up healing. This level allows us to practice the method of healing on others.

REIKI LEVEL 3: The Master symbol is passed on to the students and you learn how to pass the energy on to others. Teaching methods are also included in this workshop.
Workshops are usually held at weekends. Special arrangements can be made for weekdays if required. A certificate of completion will be issued for each level.

For Further Information please Contact:

Emily Lalloo Reiki/seichem Master Teacher Qualified Teachers With the Diana Cooper School Of Angels And Ascension, Also Angels Of Atlantis.

Telephone: Phone: 0872210337 or 01-8600561