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Allergy Testing

The method of Allergy testing used at our center is applied kinesiology. This form of testing is very accurate and entails muscles testing using the energy flows of the acupuncture meridians. Although we are using the meridians we do not need to use needles therefore the experience is pleasant and painless, making it very useful for testing babies, children and people of a nervous disposition.

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Angel Healing

What are Angels: Angels are messenger of God, the word comes from the Greek “angelos” meaning messenger. Angels act as a bridge between Heaven and Earth, helping mankind as a channel between them and the Divine. They say angels were created by God on the second day of creation with free will. Most of them gave up their free will and aligned themselves freely with their creator. A few angels wanted their own power and glory and are known as ‘fallen angels’. They are pure spirit and have no gender, they are male and female are perfect and complete. Their only wish is to serve God and ourselves for we are all made in the image and likeness of God.

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It is not easy to explain in precise terms the way that acupuncture works. Indeed, much research is being done throughout the world to find the scientific basis for acupuncture. Two theories emerge as the most acceptable to the scientific and medical profession. The first is the Gate Theory and the second is the Endorphins Theory. In simple terms, what is acupuncture needle does when applied to the body is to release certain chemicals which in turn have certain effects on different parts of the body. There is also the Chinese theory of the five elements and the Yin and the Yang balance of the body energy.

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I cannot recommend Dr. Lalloo more than enough, he has helped me in every way and I am finally able to enjoy life again without having to put up with my previous ailments. Ann Marie Fitzgibbon